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Welcome, and thank you for checking out Sister Shrub!! 

Here’s how it all started:

Going back a few years, I decided to make some lifestyle changes to be a better and healthier version of myself.  I cut out alcohol and limited my sugar and caffeine as well as incorporating a healthy and well rounded diet for me and my family.  All of these changes were great and when I read about the benefits of ACV I thought it could be worth trying.  Coincidently, around the time of the article I read about ACV, my husband and I were watching The Kitchen (on the Food Network) and they started the show off by doing shots of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and discussing the benefits.  The positive attributes of ACV were great to hear about again, but what was really captivating was the reaction on their faces after downing a good swig of ACV...  This is needless to say, but I’m pretty sure the reaction on my face after my first dose of this power house elixir was right on point with what we watched that day on The Kitchen!!  I tried some different ways to camouflage the foul taste of ACV, but I would still cringe when it came time to get my dose.


About a month into my attempt at incorporating an ACV routine, we had a family reunion and my Sister In Law introduced me to a Shrub (Fermented Vinegar Drink).  It was really interesting and she and I talked about it a bit, and we even tried our own versions at home and swapped stories and recipe ideas back and forth.  One day she said to me, I think you’ve got something here, and you should keep going with it.  It was just the right push I needed to keep trying! -Thanks Deb!!


What I really wanted to focus on was keeping the process raw and as healthy and undoctored as possible, but really flavorful and refreshing!  Once I got Raw part figured out I spent time creating different flavors and seeing which ones to develop or which ones to drop.  Luckily I’ve had some pretty willing taste testers and their feedback has been wonderful!  All of the flavors not only pack the benefits of Raw ACV, but the ingredients themselves have their own specific attributes!!  From berries rich in antioxidants to anti inflammatory turmeric root and fruits rich in vitamin C, Sister Shrub is sure to boost your health in one way or another.  Sister Shrub is clean and the colors of each drink are 100% because of the raw ingredients.  Each small batch is made by hand so the quality of ingredients and the outcome are what we’ve come to expect.  

I hope you decide to give Sister Shrub a try!  Please reach out with any questions.  I’m happy to spend time sharing my knowledge and experience with you!




Executive Director of Sister Shrub

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