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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is ACV? Apple Cider Vinegar

2- What's a Shrub?

The Shrub dates back to the 17th century and has a vinegar base boiled with fruit and sugar to make a flavorful drink mixer.

3- What makes Sister Shrub different?

Sister Shrub is made with 100% Raw ACV with the Mother and fresh whole healthy ingredients and a small amount of Blue Agave. Sister Shrub is not diluted and never boiled or crafted with sugar.


4- What are the benefits? Why should I drink ACV?

- Targets Gut Health/Belly Fat

- Metabolism Booster

- Immune Support

- Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

- Maintains a Healthy pH Balance

- Helps Neutralize Acid Reflux

- Restores Youth:

      *Healthy Skin

      *Hair & Nails 

5- Are Sister Shrubs Only for drinking?

No, Sister Shrub can be used in salad dressings or marinades, basically anywhere you would like.

6- How long has Sister Shrub been around? 

I crafted healthy infused ACV in 2017 and started Sister Shrub in 2018.

7- What made you start doing this?

I wanted all the benefits of Raw ACV, but the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar was too overwhelming and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick with it unless I found a way to enjoy it.  I never knew that it would have given me such purpose.  I’m so glad that I can help others stick to their daily dose!

8- Is the Jalapeño spicy?
No, it’s really a mild little nod in the background.  Just a little extra something.  It can be made without by request. 

9- Are you Local?

Absolutely! San Marcos, CA

10 - Where Can I BUY IT?

Currently online or at Local Farmers Markets. Please don't hesitate to shoot me a message if you need a delivery!


Vista Farmers Market

Every Saturday 8-12:00

Leucadia Farmers Market 

Every Sunday 10-2:00

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